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  • What to expect to happen during the service?
    It is very convenient to get your appliance fixed at home, but keep in mind, that since during the repair we will need to open your appliance, hazardous and electrical elements will be exposed, as well as sharp edges, moving parts, wiring, and other dangers. We require that for you, your family and our technicians safety please keep everyone at least 5 feet away from the appliance while repair. However, don’t go too far away, as the technician will need to ask you questions about the appliance to be able to diagnose the problem faster. We also may need your help locating your circuit box, gas/water shut offs, and we will need to show you the problem, explain the repair and the pricing. Feel free to mention any information that may be helpful at any time.
  • What if technician was unable to repair the appliance during the first visit?
    We do our best to finish a repair during the first visit. Our technicians are equipped with every tool they will possibly need, and they also stock as many parts as possible and bring more when available. However, sometimes it is still necessary to order a part. In these cases, there is no additional service call charge for return trip. Only labor, parts and their shipping are charged on the return trips.
  • Is there a fee for Service Call?
    Yes, there is a fee for service call. There are many costs involved in a service call to your home. They begin long before technician rings your doorbell, travel time, gas, truck, insurance, office expenses, wages and many more. Service call does not cover all of the costs, as we try to keep it minimal. In our company, service call covers only travel time, gas and minimal diagnostic time cost.
  • Do you repair imports?
    Yes, we do repair imports. Keep in mind that for some imported appliances parts are not sold in Canada, and we will have to order them form abroad. Depending on closest country that sells the needed parts, the shipping time and cost will vary.
  • Dishwashers
    Dishwashers can be tricky when they fail, as the issue can be electrical, associated with water, or both. Edmonton also has hard water, which only adds to our dishwasher woes!Typical dishwasher repairs we tackle:
    • – Water leaks from the connection or seals between the tub and the door
    • – Failure to perform to standard, such as when sanitizing dishes
    • – Failure to drain
    • – Broken motors or control panels
  • Washer & Dryers
    When your machine requires some TLC, call our experts and let us handle the problem. From small malfunctions to parts replacement and total overhauls, our professionals can help you get your washer up to speed in less time.The same goes for your dryer- if it isn’t doing its job, you know who to call!
    Common problems we fix:
    • – Broken spin cycles
    • – Weird noises, odd vibrations, the dreaded “clunk”
    • – Failure of the washer to properly drain
    • – Stopping mid-cycle
    • – Lack of heat from the dryer
    • – Error code on the control panel
    • – Failure to turn on (or off)
    • – Water leaks, broken seals
  • Regrigerator
    A faulty fridge can be a huge inconvenience. From irregular temperatures to broken ice-makers, our repair technicians are here to ensure your refrigerator maintains its cool. Our technicians are familiar with every brand of refrigerator—from Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and more.
    Typical repairs we perform:
    • – Properly aligning doors and panels
    • – Compressor diagnostics & replacements
    • – Coolant leaks
    • – Water machine malfunction
    • – Water leaks
  • Stove & Oven
    Failed oven? Malfunctioning stove-top? That’s a pain- especially if it’s time for dinner. Don’t worry: our appliance repair technicians are masters of oven repair. We’ll get your oven back online before you know it!
    Typical oven and stove repairs we perform:
    • – Heat sensor malfunction
    • – Broken door hinges and panels
    • – Malfunctioning control panel
    • – Damaged coils and stove-top elements
    • – Faulty circuit breakers
    • – Gas flow problems
    • – Pilot light problems
    • – Gas burner repairs
  • 24/7 for Emergencies
    If it’s a late-night emergency, or an early morning outage, don’t worry- we’re here to help!
    We have appliance technicians available 24/7 in case of emergencies.
  • Same-Day Service
    Call and book your appliance repair before 10am and we’ll have a technician arrive same-day… guaranteed!
  • Wait Times
    Whenever possible, we try to arrive to your service within 4 hours of your call. If we have an appointment scheduled, we will arrive at the time of the appointment.
    We try our best to keep wait times down.
  • Warranty Information
    Our appliance repairs are warrantied for one year (labour). Parts are covered for 90 days.
    If the repair fails within 1 year due to our workmanship, we will return to rectify the problem.
  • OEM vs. Aftermarket
    When assessing your appliance and repair need, we often have options in terms of the types of parts we use to repair the appliance.
    In most cases, we use original OEM parts supplied by the manufacturer. However, we may often provide an aftermarket part – a part that is made to OEM specifications but not manufactured by the OEM itself – as an option. Aftermarket parts are often less expensive while providing comparable reliability of OEM.
    We provide both OEM and aftermarket options when necessary and allow you the option to choose.
  • Insurance Information
    Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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