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Dryer & Washer Repair

Dryer & Washer Repair

Dryer is an invention that saves our houses from mold and our time from waiting the clothes to dry. When dryer is not working properly, it may cause your clothes to obtain a bad smell. This is why it is important for it to be working well. There are many parts in a dryer that are essential to making it work properly. And when any of them are malfunctioning, the whole system stops working. Many people have a tendency to buy a new dryer, when it is cheaper and faster to get it fixed, and save some money.
Washing Machine is an appliance that made our life easier. But when it breaks, loads of dirty laundry collects, which brings a problem of the past (washing clothes by hand) back. Despite that, it is not the most used appliance and getting it fixed may be delayed or forgotten, until a situation is critical. To escape this problem call us to get it fixed same day or schedule an appointment to a more convenient time and day.

Common Dryer Problems

Common Washing Machine Problems

We can help with all of the above… and more

Step one: Call Us

The first step is all on you: give us a call and schedule your repair. We’ll send a technician that knows their way around modern refrigerators to ensure that you receive an accurate quote for repair. We usually arrive within 4 hours of your call.

Step two: Diagnosis

Once we arrive on-site, we get right to work assessing your refrigerator for the cause of failure. Our considerable experience working on fridges give us an edge- we’ll quickly find the cause of the problem.

Step three: Repair

We provide a written estimate for your approval. Once approved, we’ll get straight to work to ensure we get your fridge back online ASAP.